Important COVID-19 information - impact and our response

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If you are a young start up or an entrepreneur with a plan to grow, we’d love to speak with you and participate in your growth story. We understand that the first few years of any business are the toughest to manage cash-flow (been there, done that!) and at OBCO we have a solution which is just right for you.

  1. A cashflow friendly capped fee for accounting and tax services, for the first two years of contract with a KPI commitment.
  2. A KPI linked fee for the subsequent years.
  3. If you decide to close no additional charges will be levied.

The Fine Print: Please note that we undertake these on a case to case basis after careful evaluation of your business and discussions with you. We are not obligated to provide this service to all startups. Our pricing is subject to the terms and conditions laid out in our engagement letter and are subject to change after notifying our existing clients. We are under no obligation to provide this service to all start-ups.

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