Important COVID-19 information - impact and our response

We have always believed in social responsibility and have always felt a sense of belonging to the country we base out of, the United Arab Emirates. While we may not be able to deliver anything valuable to the frontline medical teams and other essential workers who are working tirelessly to reduce and eliminate the spread of COVID-19, we want to participate in the fight against COVID-19 and help reduce its impact.

Being a start-up ourselves, we know it can be painful to be trying to stabilize while a pandemic takes over and changes the business landscape. But we also know that coming together in these times of need and overcoming challenges together will individually and jointly enable us to overcome this together. Having been part of this community for a long time, I believe it is our chance to give something back.

To that effect, in the spirit of supporting such companies, please reach out to us if you need help. More information here:

The above will be offered free of cost to companies that are not doing too well and could use a helping hand during this difficult time. All we request of you is to be responsible and reach out if you are struggling. We also request that as a payback, if you are in a position to extend advice in your area of expertise to other companies going through a difficult time, please extend the courtesy to those companies.

At the end, we would like to thank the leaders of the State, doctors, nurses, paramedics, community heroes, police, teachers, sanitization teams and everyone else on the frontlines doing everything they can to make sure we stay safe and alive!